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  • How To Get The "Man-Stink" Out Of Your Bathroom

    19 July 2017

    If you have ever accidentally walked into a male restroom, or if you have one or more males living in your home, you know exactly what "man-stink" is. It is that pervasive, overpowering urine smell that hits you like a dropped piano the minute you enter the bathroom. It should come as no surprise that male urine is more potent; there is a scientific reason for that. Still, you do not want the "

  • Have Cracks In Your Foundation? Here's What You Need To Do

    27 June 2017

    If you have cracks in the concrete foundation of your home, you need to act fast to ensure that your home does not develop serious issues from these cracks. #1 Clean The Crack The first thing that you need to do is clean the crack. If there are loose chips in the crack, you are going to want to get rid of them. Use a chisel to chip away any loose material along with a small sledgehammer.

  • 3 Purchases That Can Upgrade Your Highway System

    3 May 2017

    If you want the highway system in your locality to best serve the people, you need to use the budget wisely. Each year, the state passes down an allotment of money that is intended to help your municipality improve on its highway system, so you need to make the purchases that make that money go a long way. For some ideas of ways that you might need to improve your local highway system, consider these projects below.

  • How To Fix Concrete Driveway Cracks

    27 April 2017

    The driveway is among the first thing noticed about your home, especially by potential buyers. If you have a concrete driveway, it shouldn't be  surprising to find a crack. While concrete is durable, damage can occur from freezing water, standing water, tree roots, and excessive heat.  Fixing cracks not only improves appearance,  it keeps water from absorbing further into the crack. It is easy to fix cracks in concrete driveways by following these tips.

  • Tips For Maintaining Your Concrete Foundation

    13 April 2017

    The repair costs for moderate damage to your home's concrete foundation can start at $8,000. In most instances, the repairs are avoidable with regular maintenance. Unfortunately, some homeowners are not aware of what they need to do and end up paying for or not properly caring for the foundation. Here is what you need to know about your concrete foundation and preventing damage.   What Can You Do to Maintain Your Foundation?

  • 4 Reasons Why You Should Waterproof Your Basement Before You Bring In The Pool Table

    12 April 2017

    With a dry, finished basement, there's a lot of potential for improvement. You may picture yourself sitting in the middle of your newly installed home entertainment theater, reclining way back on your premium leather couch. Before you want to start putting big ticket items in your basement, there are four specific reasons you will need to take steps to waterproof the area professionally. 1. Moisture Leads To Mold - If you find water in your basement you can quickly mop it up but if you fail to have professional basement waterproofing services performed, you can expect more moisture to find its way in at some future date.

  • How to Repair a Crack in Your Concrete

    7 April 2017

    Concrete is a durable material, which makes it ideal for things such as driveways, sidewalks and porches/patios. Although it is durable, over time it can begin to crack. When you get these cracks in your concrete, it's important to do something about them to prevent the crack from spreading and causing the concrete to breakdown further. See below for instructions to repair a concrete crack. Tools & Materials: Chisel Hammer Stiff bristle brush Broom (or shop vacuum) Concrete caulk Concrete patch Putty knife Instructions: