concrete for long-lasting household projects

  • Expanding Your Kitchen But Worried About Removing Walls? What You Should Know First

    6 February 2017

    If your home was constructed in the 1950s, 60s, or 70s, you may find yourself dealing with a kitchen that's just a bit too small to fit your family's needs, along with a walled-off dining area that has become a repository for random papers, toys, or other items. Removing this wall to create an open space can enhance the feel of your entire dining area, but you may feel that removing entire walls and changing your home's "

  • Residential Driveway Paving: Two Major Factors to Consider

    5 October 2016

    Whether you are about to have a new residential driveway paved or want to replace your existing driveway, hiring a professional, experienced contractor rather than tackling the job yourself can make a world of difference. Installation by a professional paving contractor can help ensure a product that will last several years and withstand daily usage and elements. In most cases, paving contractors will employ a team to get the job done, as this type of work should not be performed as a one-man job.

  • Three Beautiful Ways to Use Natural, Living Edge Wood in Your Home

    3 October 2016

    Despite the fact that advances in building materials have produced a wealth of different materials, people return to natural wood time and time again for its beauty. When taken from sustainable forests, natural wood is an environmentally-friendly, durable choice that's suitable for an endless array of projects. Solid hardwood floors, wood paneling, and wooden cabinets are some of the most common applications, but each of these comes polished and processed. What about when you want to get back to nature even more?

  • Renting A Concrete Pump Truck? Stay Safe With These Three Guidelines

    15 October 2015

    Whether you're a homeowner embarking on a new patio project or an inexperienced contractor working your first big job, you may discover that the task of pouring concrete is too difficult for you to handle on your own. The area you need to fill could be too large, or it could have a shape that makes pouring concrete tricky. Your best bet in this situation is to rent a concrete pump truck, but if you've never used this type of equipment before you may be worried about operating it safely.

  • Caring Your Your Asphalt Parking Lot: A Dos And Don'ts Guide For New Business Owners

    7 October 2015

    When you first start your own business, you have so many different tasks on your plate. In addition to handling accounting tasks, setting up marketing, and maybe hiring some employees, you also have to take care of the physical structure of your business -- including your parking lot. Caring for that large expanse of asphalt may be intimidating at first, but if you follow these dos and don'ts, you'll soon realize it's not too hard after all.