concrete for long-lasting household projects

  • Could Concrete Roofing Tiles Be Right For Your Home?

    22 February 2019

    When you need a completely new roof, whether it is on new construction or an older home that requires a tear-off, the roof will need to be built from the bottom up. In the past, most people chose asphalt shingles, and more recently, metal roofs have become increasingly popular. Terra cotta, or clay, tiles have also been around for a long time, but they are cost-prohibitive for most people. Enter concrete, or cement, roofing tiles.

  • Tips For Keeping Concrete Flooring Looking Great

    20 November 2018

    The concrete floors throughout your home or business will look great for several years if you take care of it properly. You will need to do two things – sweep and mop – sounds easy enough, right? Well, with the right tools, it is easy to take care of the concrete floor and keep it shining and clean. Here, you'll learn about the supplies to use for the best, easiest results.

  • 3 Maintenance Tips For Your Concrete Driveway

    20 July 2018

    A driveway plays a valuable role in helping you make your home more accessible. Concrete driveways are durable and easy to navigate, making them popular options for homeowners looking to improve the appearance and function of their homes. A concrete driveway will become stronger through the years, but it will require ongoing maintenance to ensure that it remains structurally sound.  1. Keep your concrete driveway clean. One of the easiest things that you can do to maintain your concrete driveway is to keep the surface of the driveway clean.

  • Comparing Glazed And Tinted Concrete Finishes

    2 March 2018

    Adding color to your concrete foundation can it look a lot better. Even a very subtle, neutral color tint can add warmth and style to the surface. There are quite a few ways you can add color and texture to a concrete surface. This article looks at some of the best ways to add color to concrete that is already poured and dried. Clean Your Foundation First First of all, it is important to  thoroughly clean your concrete before adding any finish to it.

  • Making Changes To Create More Space In A House

    30 October 2017

    Owning your house gives you the right to make changes to it at any time such a project is desired. For example, you can expand the interior and exterior walls to create more space in rooms as your family size grows. The most important thing to keep in mind if you want to create more space in your house is to ensure that all aspects of the project are done the right way.

  • Are Asphalt Cracks Something To Worry About?

    27 September 2017

    A successful paving project does not just happen by accident. Asphalt paving or any paving for that matter has to planned carefully and done with the appropriate preparation. Proper paver setup has to be ensured and mat temperature and conducting has to be done right. Every process will impact the result of the asphalt commercial paving. Benefits of Asphalt Paving Asphalt pavements are known for their resilience and durability. The strength of asphalt makes it the best option for your commercial property.

  • Mechanical Concrete Stripping Explained

    2 August 2017

    When a concrete sealer has reached the end of its serviceable life, it must be thoroughly removed in order for a new sealer to be applied. Otherwise, the bond between the sealer and the surface of the pavement simply may not be strong enough. There are two common ways of removing an aging sealer: chemical stripping and mechanical stripping. While both are effective, more and more people are leaning toward mechanical stripping, since it does not involve the use of toxic chemicals.

  • How To Patch Your Driveway Cracks

    27 July 2017

    Concrete driveways will crack! There is really no way to avoid this. It seems like even the thickest slabs will crack over time. Simply put, concrete is no match for Mother Nature. If the concrete around the perimeter of your home is cracking and aging, you can do your part to cover and slow down further cracking with crack filler. It is a great DIY project that you can do in a matter of hours.

  • How To Get The "Man-Stink" Out Of Your Bathroom

    19 July 2017

    If you have ever accidentally walked into a male restroom, or if you have one or more males living in your home, you know exactly what "man-stink" is. It is that pervasive, overpowering urine smell that hits you like a dropped piano the minute you enter the bathroom. It should come as no surprise that male urine is more potent; there is a scientific reason for that. Still, you do not want the "

  • Have Cracks In Your Foundation? Here's What You Need To Do

    27 June 2017

    If you have cracks in the concrete foundation of your home, you need to act fast to ensure that your home does not develop serious issues from these cracks. #1 Clean The Crack The first thing that you need to do is clean the crack. If there are loose chips in the crack, you are going to want to get rid of them. Use a chisel to chip away any loose material along with a small sledgehammer.