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Tips For Keeping Concrete Flooring Looking Great

by Kyle Carpenter

The concrete floors throughout your home or business will look great for several years if you take care of it properly. You will need to do two things – sweep and mop – sounds easy enough, right? Well, with the right tools, it is easy to take care of the concrete floor and keep it shining and clean. Here, you'll learn about the supplies to use for the best, easiest results.


Get rid of those bristle brooms – they aren't going to get the dust off of your floor. Instead, opt for a dust mop or two. Dust mops can be found in all kinds of shapes and sizes, but really, you should only need two sizes – one large for open spaces and one small to get underneath furniture and into corners.

As you dust mop, spritz the slightest amount of water on the dust mop cover when you first use it. This will help the dust and dirt to stick to the dust mop cover more securely and prevent the dirt from falling loose as you clean.


Mopping the concrete flooring can be frustrating if you're trying to get it to dry to a sheen. If the concrete has a shiny finish, the worst thing you can use is a string mop. String mops are much too sloppy and really just push dirty water around on the floor – then, when it dries, you'll see water streaks and a hazy finish.

The mop that will work best for cleaning a shiny concrete floor is a flat mop with a removable terrycloth cover. This mop is used by removing the cover, dipping it in cleaning water, wringing it out, putting it back on the head and then, buffing the floors clean.

This flat mop will not only clean, but it will buff the floor to a shine as it does.

The solution that you use to clean the concrete flooring should be gentle. If the flooring gets lots of dirty traffic, a little bit of liquid Dawn with some very hot water will do the trick. If the flooring just needs a light cleaning, a cup of white vinegar in two gallons of hot water will do the trick.

Talk with your local concrete floor service to learn more about taking care of concrete flooring. He or she is bound to have more tricks that will help you keep the flooring clean and looking great for years to come.