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Are Asphalt Cracks Something To Worry About?

by Kyle Carpenter

A successful paving project does not just happen by accident. Asphalt paving or any paving for that matter has to planned carefully and done with the appropriate preparation. Proper paver setup has to be ensured and mat temperature and conducting has to be done right. Every process will impact the result of the asphalt commercial paving.

Benefits of Asphalt Paving

Asphalt pavements are known for their resilience and durability. The strength of asphalt makes it the best option for your commercial property. When asphalt is properly laid, it lasts as long as 25 years before it needs replacing. There are numerous benefits that come with asphalt like the fact that it can be recycled and costs a lot less than a lot of paving options.

Extending the Life Of Asphalt Paving

Control Load

Unless your asphalt paving was installed well enough to withstand the weight of garbage trucks and delivery trucks, you must ensure that they only access the property when necessary. With so much weight, these vehicles can shorten the life of your pavement.

Fix Drainage Issues

Water is a major asphalt enemy because if it reaches the base course of the paving, it will disrupt it and sooner need repairs. If you notice there is a lot of standing water on the pavement, ask a commercial paving contractor to fix drainage problems for you.

Sweep and Blow Your Pavement

Sweeping your asphalt paving on a regular basis will keep it from hazard materials like glass or loose aggregate. Sweeping will also elevate the condition of your paving. If you do not clean the parking lot regularly, debris may damage your asphalt little by little until it becomes a major problem. You should have a regular maintenance crew or person that will sweep as well as blow the pavement.

Crack Filling

If you notice cracks in your paving, you should have a commercial paving contractor do crack filling. If water enters those cracks, then it will drag away your investments. If the cracks are minimal, you can do the filling yourself or with the maintenance crew, but if not, you should hire an expert.

Seal Coating

Seal coating is an important part because it seals your asphalt and protects it from the elements and water seepage. Some of these elements will cause oxidization on your pavement and damage from UV rays. A sealed asphalt paving is also aesthetically appealing with a rich dark or black color as opposed to gray.


Asphalt is the best paving material you can have, and you will not regret installing it. If you need repairs, always consult a commercial paving expert, such as from Bartelt Enterprises Inc., so you do not do more harm than good.