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How To Get The "Man-Stink" Out Of Your Bathroom

by Kyle Carpenter

If you have ever accidentally walked into a male restroom, or if you have one or more males living in your home, you know exactly what "man-stink" is. It is that pervasive, overpowering urine smell that hits you like a dropped piano the minute you enter the bathroom. It should come as no surprise that male urine is more potent; there is a scientific reason for that. Still, you do not want the "man-stink" in your home bathroom, and here is how to get rid of it.

Replace Your Round Toilet with an Elongated One

For the males in your home that urinate sitting down, you need an elongated toilet bowl. This prevents urine from escaping the front edge of the toilet and landing on the floor, where it "marks" the male's territory. Males in your home who stand up to urinate at night will miss the bowl less often because the elongated shape comes out to catch more of the urine.

Remodel to Include a Urinal and a Bidet

Bathroom remodeling that helps remove bathroom odors caused by males seems odd, but it is actually quite effective. Include a floor-to-wall urinal and a bidet (a toilet-like structure that rinses your backside after you are done) to encourage better toileting habits, reduce the frequency of urine on the floor, and eliminate some of the previous odors. At least with a urinal, you can incorporate a urinal cake that will help with the smells.

Install Urine-Resistant Flooring

Hospitals, animal shelters, and veterinary clinics utilize urine-resistant flooring. Even though this is a commercial product, you can purchase it and have it installed in your bathroom at home. This type of flooring does not allow urine or urine odors to sink in, which means that there is no way for any guy in the house to accidentally "mark his territory." It costs a little more than traditional linoleum does, but it is well worth the price not to have these smells in your bathroom.

Invest in a Commercial Odor-Neutralizing Floor Cleaner

Finally, as an extra measure of protection, invest in a commercial odor-neutralizing floor cleaner. Check with your bathroom remodeling contractor (who installed your urine-resistant flooring) to make sure the cleaner is an acceptable one to use on the new flooring. Mop around the toilet, bidet, and urinal every other day or whenever you notice that the odor of "man-stink" is rising.

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