concrete for long-lasting household projects

Not Just For Patios! Check Out These Cool Concrete Projects

by Kyle Carpenter

There are only a handful of times when the average homeowner will give any thought to concrete: if they need a new patio or possibly if they want to add a walkway to their landscape. While concrete is often thought of as a basic material with the general purpose of creating a stable and solid surface, concrete is far more versatile and fabulous than what you may think. When you get down to the nitty gritty, you will find all kinds of cool ways concrete can be used around the home. Check out these totally modern and functional ways concrete can be used in and around your house. 

Install a concrete splash pad for your kids–and even yourself. 

Imagine hanging out in the backyard, catching some sun in a lawn chair, and the kiddos having an all-out blast in a designated area where they can play in the water. Concrete splash pads are concrete structures that are implemented into the backyard and have various sprinkler heads and water-play areas. These things even come equipped with their own water drainage system so you and your kids can cool off and play without concerns of ruining your grass. 

Get a little modern in the kitchen with concrete counter tops. 

You did read that right and these concrete counter tops are far from just a simplified slab of rough grey material. Concrete counter tops are the next biggest thing since granite. They are completely finished out with a smooth-sanded surface and even incorporated with detailed aggregate elements, like shiny bits of quartz or glass. You can even have concrete counter tops implemented into an exterior kitchen or entertaining area on your patio or deck. Concrete counter tops are incredibly resilient to heat and moisture, and offer the convenience of very little maintenance for the long term. 

Vamp up a mundane patio with decorative concrete finishes. 

Imagine stepping out on your patio and enjoying the view of what appears to be a natural stone patio or a patio surface that is outfitted with stamped designs to look just like brick. Concrete can now be altered in all kinds of ways, from the color it is when it is installed to the texture of the overall finish. Therefore, it can be formed to work with just about any design idea if you have with the right concrete contractor for the task. Plus, it looks so authentic when molded and shaped like a different material that most onlookers will assume you have invested a lot of money into your new patio. 

Talk to a local concrete supplier for more tips.